Non-hierarchical nested links/tags

There has been discussion about hierarchical tags before - and this is implemented as namespaces.

But there is another use of nested links that is not hierarchical and is not satisfied by namespacing.

This allows us to distinguish between two distinctly different meanings for a term in different disciplines. The term ‘intentionality’ in common-usage is about what we intend to achieve or the anticipated impact of our actions, whereas in philosophy ‘intentionality’ is the opposite of ‘extensionality’ - a very different meaning

In Logseq #common-use/intentionality vs #philosophy/intentionality

In Roam there is an alternative form of namespacing that is/was promoted by Cortex Futura in his ‘Cite to Write’ course which was to use nested brackets -

[[intentionality [[philosophy]]]] vs [[intentionality [[common-usage]]]] - there are reasons this can be preferable, but this is outside scope here.

Take the example of genealogy.

A person - Agnes Jane Smith born in the UK who marries a man called Jones and on her marriage takes her husband’s name - In birth records she is Agnes Jane Smith, in death records she is Agnes Jane Jones.

If we want to be able to list all the members of each family we could use namespacing:

[[Smith/Agnes Jane]]

that also helps us distinguish between different people with the same first name:

[[Jones/Tom]] vs. [[Smith/Tom]]

So far so good - but there are two problems with this:

1 - It does not follow natural language conventions - you would introduce these people as “Tom Jones” and “Tom Smith”

2 - [[Smith/Agnes Jane]] is actually the same person as [[Jones/Agnes Jane]] not distinct.

In genealogy it is common to solve this problem by adding on the names as they appear in someone’s life: “Agnes Jane Smith Jones”

In Roam this would be: [[Agnes Jane [[Smith]] [[Jones]] ]] - so the searches for all members of both families Smith and Jones show Agnes Jane as a member and Agnes Jane’s page title shows the family names as links that you can click through.

When you look at a page heading in LoqSeq it would show ‘Agnes Jane [[Smith]] [[Jones]]’ rather than showing both family names as links, and the queries do not work as desired.

The only way of getting the searches to work as desired is by adding properties to a person’s record

gender:: female
family:: Smith, Jones

Which isn’t really making use of the power of bi-directional linking.

So the request is to enable bracketed words in page titles to be recognised as links: to implement nested bracket-links