Non-Logseq files overwritten in sync


I’ve been using Logseq for a while now, but until recently had the graph in a separate from my other files. For some reason I decided to make a new project graph in the same directory as other files related to the project, such as LaTeX files, pdfs etc, not thinking too much about if or how Logseq sync would affect these files.

Today I had been working on a document for a few hours with another graph open in Logseq. I then switched to the project graph, which initiated the sync, and moved on to other tasks. Later in the day I noticed that my document had been reverted back to a much earlier version, thus losing all the content added since the last sync. The only explanation I can think of is that Logseq sync reverted all the other files in the directory to the versions of the previous sync time instead of merging/updating the files.

My questions are then:

  1. Is there any way of getting the lost data/information/files back? I can’t seem to find any version history for .tex files, since these files aren’t really “part of Logseq”, they’re just in the same directory as the Logseq graph. However, clicking the cloud symbol I can see that these files are in fact synced by Logseq.

  2. Is this expected behavior? Both (1) that all other files in the directory are synced, even when not “added to Logseq” somehow (I’m guessing yes, but I’ve been foolish enough not to consider it) and (2) that Logseq sync simply overwrites the files instead of merging or updating them? My understanding was that the past few updates would handle conflicts and merging in a different way, but perhaps that only applies to supported file types?

I Logseq does sync all files in the graph directory, but does not handle merging or conflicts for all file types, including .tex files which are essentially text files, that does seem to give a high risk of losing data, at least if no conflict warning is given.

I’d greatly appreciate any help and suggestions people might have :slight_smile: