Not all pages on iOS

I am trying to set up Logseq on my iPhone. I also have it set up on my Mac, and that seems to be working perfectly. Both the instance on the phone and the computer are pointing to the same directory in iCloud (the top-level Logseq folder in iCloud), and all files in the directory are downloaded and visible/openable in the file explorer on both devices. However, on my computer I see 196 pages in Logseq, both on my phone I only see 29 pages. Why can’t it see the other 170?

In case it is relevant, I am trying to set up Logseq to use with files originally produced with Emacs org-mode, but I can’t see any difference between the files that show up on my phone and those that don’t.

Any clues about what the problem is would be greatly appreciated!!

Welcome. Check I’m using Logseq with iCloud, but experiencing data loss or file conflict errors. What’s going on? Your case is probably different, but it is a risky combination nevertheless. If you insist in this path, try Re-indexing your graph from the top-left menu.