Note statistics extension request

Statistics information of notetaking is important to us because it provides some positive feedbacks and retrospect of our recent and overall note-taking activities.

This request is related to the post Let's add statistics. I don’t know whether logseg is planning to add this so I put my request here in the extension channel.

Here is a functionality list of my favorites

1 A collection of all tags and page-tags.

can be sorted by frequency (no. of connections) or created time.
(Can set to avoid duplicated references by counting only once per page)
Default collapsed and can be open to see related pages.

2 Word count in one page

Character and word count somewhere per page.

3 Curve graph of tags (pages)

  • no. of tags vs date
  • no. of tasks (todo finished/not finished/over due, etc) vs date.

4 Heatmap of activities

This is a more intuitive view of your activities, something like GitHub contribution graph

Above is the graph of flomo

5 stats of isolated or invalid tags/pages

Help filter out some isolated pages (only 1 ref) or some invalid pages (0 ref)

This can be further improved to provide intelligent advices like merging similar tags, suggesting making some unlinked words into bi-directional tags (as they connect many pages), etc.

PS: From the technical view I think all this can be achieved by Lupin. But since not everyone is using Telegram or Github or Lupin, I think this should be made into a universal plugin.

This feature has been implemented in GitHub - pengx17/logseq-plugin-heatmap