Note-taking and linking ideas in Trilium and Logseq: Your ideas?

Hi everyone, I’m a social science researcher in Canada and just recently learnt about Logseq. I’m glad to see the developers build and support such an robust open-source tool so quickly. I am quite excited to know that the software has many international and multilingual users. I spent a lot of years in China and so plan on using Logseq for multi-language documents.

I’ve been using the open-source note software Triilum for well over a year and particularly like it.

I am wondering however if Logseq’s emphasis on block-level organization will be more useful to me than a note-level organizer like Trilium. I am hoping to use Logseq for qualitative data analysis (QDA). I’ve been experimenting with Logseq and Trilium these days and am finding them both to be outstanding tools and capable of similar results, even though their approaches are different.

Does anyone else have experience using Trilium? I’d like to hear more about your ideas/experience in using these tools. What advantages does Logseq’s emphasis on blocks have over Trilium’s use of page-notes?