Numbering and referencing equations

Is there a way to number and reference equations in Logseq? Thanks!

Could you describe the desired functionality?

  • Where are the equations?
  • What is the effect of referencing them?
  • Have you seen it in some other software?

A visual clue may also help.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I was just thinking of how you can label equations in LaTeX, and then reference them. This is very standard in LaTeX, see for instance: How to include and reference equations - Overleaf, Online LaTeX Editor.

I was wondering if something similar would make sense for Logseq?

Though on second thought, a similar functionality could come from referencing blocks containing the equations. Has this been discussed before (in relation to mathematical equations)?

  • Equations are indeed like blocks:
    • Logseq’s central unit is the block. A block can:
      • be referenced by any other block
      • be embeded inside any other block
    • You can get the same flexibility for equations, if you express each equation at the level of a block.
  • Blocks have unique ids.
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