Offer page suggestions when selecting a text for creating a link using [text](page)

I originally posted this in github and Bad3r asked me to bring it here.

I usually make links from English texts to pages in my natural language (Spanish), e.g., [Courage](Coraje). When I open the (, the closing ) is automatically added, but no suggestions appear as I start to type.

What I expect to happen is this:

  1. Select some text.
  2. Press [. The closing ] will appear.
  3. Move the cursor after the ].
  4. Press (. The closing ) will appear.
  5. Start typing the name of a page you already have in your graph.
  6. Suggestions will appear, exactly as they do when using double brackets [[]].


Welcome to the forum!
Thank you for moving this great suggestion! I voted.

btw even though you created the post; you still need to click on the vote button top left.

I recommend discussing the issue on our discord server as well to bring more users attention to it and more votes. We have a special channel for Spanish speakers as well.