Old Block vs New Block

Greetings Everyone,
Trying to grok logseq and have been really enjoying it. Thanks to everyone for all your hard work.

Simples question,
Lets say i started an Article on Tuesday the 29th. On Thursday the 31st do i just go back and edit the Article from the 29th or is there a better/recommended method to link or reference blocks/information from one day to the next. Daily workload tracking comes to mind. Hope this is not too dumb of a question.

Welcome. There are no dumb questions.

  • An article belongs to its own Logseq page.
  • For proper workload tracking, should use your source/version control tool.
  • Alternatively, if you can limit your work to new blocks every day:
    • If you want to spread the content across multiple days, embed each day’s piece (i.e. the respective block) to the article’s page.
    • If you prefer leaving the content on the article’s page, reference the piece for each day (i.e. the respective block) from that day’s journal.
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Thank you @mentaloid i will make sure to go through the reference material you’ve provided. -Cheers!

Personally, I store writings of a certain argument in a page dedicated to that argument and mention on today journal page that I worked on it by using a block reference to the writing title or the relevant part for that day.

The idea is to store the data where you are more likely to find it later and at the same time review what you worked on recently by looking at the journal.

P.S. it takes a lot of time to find your workflow in Logseq, don’t give up.

I like this, @alex0. Seems like a good method to keep things clean. Thank you!

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