Old version of a page remains after renaming a page

When I use “rename page”, the older version of the page remains in the list of “all pages”. I have included a screenshot to show what I am seeing. As the screenshot shows, for some reason two pages were made in addition to the new page including the changes. Also, the first page in the list of three pages is the page after I performed the “rename page”. Yet, it is listed as having the earliest “Updated At” time at “2021-08-27 18:05” when it should be the latest.

I am using the Mac desktop version (version 0.3.5). The issue persists for repositories that are either in Dropbox or the Mac hard disk.

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The latest version 0.3.6 solved this issue for me. :slight_smile:

A hint I just received on the Discord forums which I will try out when I have future issues is to “Re-index”. This can be done going to the pulldown menu in “+ (depository name)” and selecting “Re-index”.

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Glad you were able to resolve this Darren. Will close the issue but any other problems, just shout. Thanks