On the cleanliness of LogSeq’s design and brand (vs. competitors)

In addition to LogSeq just being more appealing because it’s open source, I also love (and prefer) the name and generic, logoless design of the UI.

Appreciating the lack of logo in the UI

When I watch screencasts of LogSeq from last year I see a small LogSeq logo was present in the upper left part of the screen. I don’t see this logo anymore and I really appreciate that. It feels nice that the UI for LogSeq is devoid of any logo which makes me feel like the only thing that matters is my content—like it’s a completely clean and generic solution for my knowledge. The app is glorifying the work it does instead of the brand behind it and, in turn, I appreciate the brand behind it even more because of this choice.

Appreciating the name

I like that the name LogSeq is generic and tries to describe part of what’s happening with the app—sequential, chronological logging. It’s like WordPress in this as