Open local files outside the graph through URI

Obsidian has a feature that allows you to open local files which are outside the linked graph through URI. For example
[my text](<file:///path/file.txt>) creates a link to file.txt which can be outside the linked folder and it is then opened using the system default app. It would be very nice if Logseq can also support such a similar feature.

It already does that for some applications. For example [my mail](message:%3C..) is a URI to an email on my Mail app on MacOS and when I use this link in Logseq, it opens the the message in the Mail app.

It’s just that I haven’t been able to figure the similar syntax for opening other files such as txt, pdf or png files.

This is very useful part of my workflow as it allows the note in Logseq to act as an hub for connecting and referencing all kind of files and applications which are present in my local system.

I have to link to local files time and again and haven’t found a way to conveniently do it. If there is already a way, I would love to here how - if not, I support this request.

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In the latest version (0.2.3), Logseq no longer supports the ability to open mails in MacOS (in the default mail application) when links in the [my mail](message:%3C..) format are pasted. This completely breaks my workflow now as I was using this to incorporate important emails into my docs.

I request the developers to kindly have a look into this, and if possible revert back this functionality. Thank you.

I’ve been facing the same problem. Would really appreciate developers look into this.

I write my workflow notes in orgmode, but articles in markdown. So my initial thoughts was to put my md files outside of the graph and link them from my workflow notes in logseq. But I’m not able to open md files outside of the graph like emacs does.

Is the ability to open email messages in MacOS working again? This would be super helpful.

Do you know how to efficiently get the link of the email within the Mail app?

Yes, the current version of Logseq (0.6.9) can open email messages from Apple mail in macOS.

I order to get the link quickly, you can do the following:

  • Open Apple mail and Apple notes side by side
  • Now drag your email on to Apple notes. This will create a link to your email in the note.
  • Right click on the link and Copy Link. Now the message link is in your clipboard and can be pasted in Logseq
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Thanks! That works great although it would be nice to maybe do this via an Apple shortcut. I’ve always wondered why they don’t have a share button in the Mail app. That would solve the problem.

It’s possible to write an Applescript that copies the message link of your highlighted mail which you can then run through Alfred or other shortcuts. The following link can be helpful in setting this up:

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@Avijeet_Prasad Hi. I’m not sure when we added this but this works for me on osx:

[logseq preferences](file:///Users/me/.logseq/preferences.json)

Does this work for you?

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Hi, Yes. Works for me as well. :grinning:

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