Open Tag Side Bar Navigation

Maybe Im missing the point of the current structure so forgive me for my “newness”.

When I am researching I have my main doc in front of me as my main activity.

Sometimes I want to look at a deeper level of research.

I see the Shift-Tag opening of the right column as a way to do this.

The problem is, when I click to expand something now in the right sidebar column it replaces the text Im on in the middle of my page.

I would love that navigation to be separate.

Im currently working on going through a copywriting course. One section is about Headlines and subheads. I would like to assign a tag right where I am for let’s say the topic #Titles. After I do that then Shift-click the tag the right bar-column opens the page where my main Titles research is written. It may have a index looking outline with other related tags and so on. I want to be able to click on one of those without the page Im one being replaced. Is there a way to do this already in LogSeq? Thanks

Try holding shift while expanding that maybe? Not quite sure what you mean. But generally holding shift during an operation makes it happen in the right sidebar.

Thanks. Thats what I do I shift click on tag and the right bar opens. But then when I try to expand or work in the right column that opens anything I click on replaces my current project. I dont want it to be replaced I want the openings or expandings to happen in the right window.