OpenAI Quota Reached. What can I do?

Hello There!
My name is Carlo and Im from the island of Curaçao.
I have been using LOGSEQ for almost two months. Im fascinated by it. It is so much that I gave it the job of co-writer on my upcoming books. I use it to research all ideas I use to write. Today I got a tag that says, "OpenAI Quota Reached " it is so sad that it has made me come here to look for help. I want it to work the way it was. Does anybody know what I shall do to get Logseq reactivated?

Hello Carlvasquez,
If you have used your free trial of OpenAI, your next step is to pay for their service.
Here is their pricing Pricing

Thank you for your message, @danzu
I will check it out :love_you_gesture: