Option to convert a block into a quote

Let’s say I have a block that I want to turn into a quote.

The process now:

  • Type < and select ‘Quote’ from the menu.
  • Copy and paste the text between #+BEGIN_QUOTE and #+END_QUOTE.

This is laborious, especially if you want to convert many blocks into quotes.

How it could be:

  • Right-click on the bullet of the block.
  • Select ‘Convert to a quote’ from the menu.

This could also work for multiple blocks:

  • Select multiple blocks.
  • Right-click within the selection.
  • Select ‘Convert to quotes’ to convert all selected blocks into quotes.

I think it would be better implemented on “text selection” level instead of block-level and it could be an idea for plugin.


Love this idea. It would save me a lot of time.

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+1 Is anyone working on this? Because it is frustrating to quote multi-line blocks - I use Markdown for that and I have to prefix every line with a >.