Option to disable spellcheck on desktop (No red squiggly lines!)

It would be awesome to have an option to disable spellcheck on desktop. The red squiggly lines are quite distracting!

This was briefly discussed a few months ago on Discord, where it was pointed out that the following would be the relevant variable:

I would also love to have that option!

Currently I’m using a workaround, which is a tiny bit technical, but not too much.
Get the logseq source code and in logseq/src/electron/electron/core.cljs change :spellcheck true to :spellcheck false (currently that’s line 38)
Then build it according to the guide on github.

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Great idea, @fixincomp! I had been thinking I should try something like that, but I hadn’t gotten around to it. With your encouragement, perhaps I will give it a go, while we wait for the option to be included by default.

(Did you use the Docker option to build? I know how to use the terminal, but that’s about where my developer skills end.)

I’m not much of developer either, but luckily the build process worked without any errors. And nope, I was using the other option. I think the only steps you need are 1. and 2. from “set up development environment” and then yarn release-electron should work.

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Well, I tried to do the build process on Windows, but at each step of the way, I ran into issues, and finally, after having spent a couple of hours without success, I decided that I’ll just live with the squiggly lines for now. I do hope that a configuration option will be implemented soon.

(Out of curiosity, what OS are you using?)

Oh, that’s unfortunate. I’m using Linux, so I don’t think I can build a Windows version that I could provide you. In case anyone is interested in an unspellcheckified linux build(appimage) though, let me know and I can upload that somewhere :smiley:

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My native language is not supported in Logseq and this red squiggly line under the text is actually really annoying while you try to do a visual spell check by yourself. And if there could be my native language support, I wouldn’t use the spell check feature anyway. So please add an option to disable this feature.

But anyways I still want to say that I love this software! :slight_smile:


Good point about native languages. I often mix languages in my personal notes, which means I see quite a lot of red squiggly lines, making it challenging to get into any kind of writing flow… (I also agree about Logseq being awesome)

I don’t know if this could be a feature request or maybe a plugin to be developed, but it would be nice to have a Logseq and LanguageTool integration on desktop version.

On top of this, I’d like to be able to make use of the built-in spelling correction (only as an option, of course). I find myself having to backtrack to correct many typos that, in other applications, the OS cleans up for me.

Implemented in 0.3.3! Thank you, developers!