Option to see all the notes on the left sidebar

Hey, I would love to see all my notes on the left sidebar like obsidian and co. This would be very helpful to find my all my resources as easy and fast. I find this much more ergonimic then searching it or going to another page. (Could also be opt-in)

Just out of curiosity, what would make this more useful than just cicking on the all pages from the left hand menu? Other than it being one extra click.
If this was included, how would the pages be organized, alphanumerically, by date, last accesssed, or some other means?

Hey, thanks for your reply.
First of all I find it much mor ergonomic to work with the notes like that because you always have an overvew without leaving your notes. As a student I have to switch to different notes very often and I find it much more intuitive.
Second thing: I would love to have it like in obsidian where you can sort it however you like. I prefer last accessed but I’m very sure that there are people with other preferences.
With that said: If you are interested in what I mean you can look at Obsidian. I love logseq and it’s features but I’m missing that.
Have a nice day!

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In case with “all the notes” you mean a list of all pages: as a workaround you can place this query in a new page, for example [[All Pages]]:

{:title [:h2 "All Pages"]
 :query [:find ?tag-name
        [?tag :block/name ?tag-name]]
 :view (fn [result]
        (for [page result]
          [:a {:href (str "#/page/" page)} (clojure.string/capitalize page)])])}

Then, edit config.edn to set that page as the default content of the right sidebar:

:default-home {:sidebar "All Pages"}

You can find examples of this option in config.edn as comments (comments start with ;;, remove it to turn on an example option).

Notice that in the query above you can edit the line {:title [:h2 "All Pages"] with the title you want and change the header level by replacing :h2 with :h1, :h3 etc.