Option to show page hierarchies above backlinks


I use page hierarchies a lot (e.g. [[pageA/pageB]]). The “hierarchy” section of this pages is really useful for navigating through your tree structure. However, this appears below the backlinks, and if there are a lot of backlinks one needs to scroll right down to see the hierarchy. It would be great to have an option for the hierarchy to appear before the backlinks.


To add to this, not sure if this option already exists, is there a way to have page hierarchies always showing instead of folded by default?

If we could enable these features via a page property perhaps?

An idea for even more control would be a property such as “hierarchy-visible-for-child-pages” so all pages inside this namespace show the hierarchy by default.

Of course if a page has the property “hierarchy-visible:: false” then it will have the hierarchy folded by default even if the parent has the property “hierarchy-visible-for-child-pages” set to true.

Not sure if any of this is already possible?

At the moment I can’t even see a global option to show the namespaces hierarchy section as always visible / unfolded for the entire app as a stop gap measure. Seems the only option is to have the hierarchy always hidden until the user unfolds it, unless I am missing something?



I think even better would be a hierarchy breadcrumb with a dropdown above the page name, like Windows Explorer.



Yeah this would be pretty good.

It is making the page title itself more dynamic, at the moment the title of a page inside a hierarchy is:


And this is just displayed as text.

Makes sense that the following components should themselves be links:

page-A should be a link (in the title) to page-A
page-A-A should be a link (in the title) to page-A/page-A-A

This would improve the navigation a lot!!
Maybe it’s also possible to have a connected “table of contents” for every Page.

To have better visibility, you could browse through the several hierarchies with its table of contents (e.g. the main headlines additionally displayed)?


How close are we to getting this done? Is there 3rd-party plugin that is already working on getting the access to the hierarchy easier?

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