Option to use bullet points for collapse/expand

When I started using Logseq the thing that I found most annoying was that I had to click on the small triangles to expand/collapse a block instead of clicking on the bullet points themselves. This is because I had used Dynalist before where it works this way. It still happens to me that I click accidentally click on the bullet points and then have to navigate back. This is not just because I find it more intuitive but also because the hitbox of the collapse/expand symbol is rather small and it is close to the bullet points. I would like it if there was an option for choosing to use the bullet points to expand/collapse the block instead of zooming in. In Dynalist you can choose between these two options.

In addition to this option I would suggest to make the hitboxes of the bullet point and the zoom/collapse/expand icon (depending on the option selected) to the left of the bullet point larger and increase the space between the icons.

I wouldn’t necessarily swap the function of the bullet points and the small triangles. But I would immediately support the following request …

I too find the little triangle hard to click.

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I think even easier to click would be vertical guiding lines, like in reddit. I love those.
On the other hand, indicators like [+] and [-] are not too hard to click and it’s easier to see if it has children and its collapsed/expanded state. It would be nice if we can have those in front of the bullet.


A new feature will be included in the next release!
Peek 2021-12-27 13-34