Optional setting to delay creation of the current day's journal time until the specified time

Provide setting that would specify (delay) creation of the current day’s journal page.

I am very often working past midnight. I would like to be able to delay the automatic rollover of my journal to the current date until a time when I am probably not still working.

While it is technically accurate that the date rolls over at midnight, that doesn’t match the way I experience my work day. It is disruptive to be in the middle of my work flow and suddenly have the new journal page pop up. It would be very helpful if there were an optional setting for the time of day when that day’s journal page would be generated. (I would likely set it for a time I’m not likely to be online; maybe 4 am, or something like that).

This is one of my pet peeves about all sorts of day-tracking apps (not just Logseq). When will people realize that midnight is not the hour when people are most likely to be asleep (in any given timezone)?

The only question I have is, failing the ability to customize, what is the ideal time to do a rollover so that for any given timezone you’ll find the most people asleep? Is it 3am? 4am? I can’t seem to easily find a survey. But yes, the ability to customize is always ideal.

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I agree - a static time later in the night would be better than midnight, but between cultural differences, individual work styles/patterns, and job functions (especially IT related jobs) that require work to be done when most other people are not working, I think it would be optimal if this were an optional setting that could be adjusted by each individual.