Optional Task Specific Timetracking

I find the time tracking feature in Logseq really useful for specific todos where I want to measure how much time I spend on a task, but there are many todos where I have no desire to track the time and seeing the logbook everywhere just clutters up my view. It would be amazing if there was a way to turn on timetracking on a task-by-task basis.

I imagine this could be done with either a slash command to “Track Time” which could then insert a hidden boolean property word say something like trackingTime:: true. From there, logseq could just check to see if that property existed & then render the logbook and track the time.

Or this could be done with a specific task keyword like TRACKING which would be used specifically for time tracking.

For my workflow, I don’t realize which ones I want time tracking on until later.

So even better if the time tracking is always done, but is not displayed until the /ViewTime command is given on a particular task.

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An option to hide the time would be amazing.
I don’t care about the time I spend on tasks. Seeing the time is distracting.
If anyone can suggest some CSS that would hide the time signature, that would be cool, but I’d prefer to see more options about whether track applies or does not run at all.