Orgmode directives break Logseq's ability to read files

I use Logseq with orgmode markup as my preferred file format

I was migrating some snippetss of documentation from my old .org (created in Emacs) docs in to Logseq. Specifically, I copy-pasted a .org file in to the middle of a journal entry.

The entire journal entry becomes invisible and unreadable to Logseq.
In addition, creation of a new journal entry for that day becomes impossible.

I tried deleting and restoring the file, refreshing, re-indexing, all to no avail.

The culprit:
Eventually I discovered that the following two directives in the middle of a .org journal entry, as entered through the UX directly, caused the entire file to become unreadable to Logseq.


#+TITLE: Inkies-sat17 

These directives are common in .org files generated by Emacs.
Did a little searching and was surprised I couldn’t find mention of it in the bug reports - however, perhaps I have just been a bit stupid in finding it as it’s the first time I’ve come to the bug reports forum → apologies if this is creating a duplicate ticket.

Remove these directives from the file via your favourite text editor.
No rebuild or reindex required, logseq now picks up the files again.