Orgmode style image resize is not working: #+ATTR_ORG: :width 100px

I edit note files both with emacs and logseq. So I use org mode format mostly. when inserting image to a page with [[file:path/of/img]], what is the proper syntax to resize the image? I tried #+ATTR_ORG: :width 100px , but it does not work. Is there any thing i missed? How can i resize the image with [[file:path/to/img]] style link? Thanks

Default in Logseq is:
![image.png](../assets/image.png){:height 66, :width 103}

Thanks for the quick response.
This format works great, but it’s not standard org syntax.
I’m wondering if there is a syntax that works both in logseq and standard org editor (i.e. emacs), like the following [[file:path/of/img]].