Our Logseq Mottos

After a great question by @remy#8394 on personal Logseq mottos, here is a list of the ones we have received so far - If you have anymore, please feel free to add them here so that we can keep a running list going:

  • “Everything starts in the journal”@qwxlea#3490
  • “Start writing and let the structure grow, as opposed to defining a workflow before you even start” @Ed Nico#4851
  • “Tag anything you might want to come back to later” @LarryK#2171
  • “Stop trying so hard” @random geek#3358
  • “Read with purpose” @s0ren#2924
  • “Write once, tag twice, and think thrice.” @Sayakaya28#3074
  • “Just get it out!” (although having thought about some upfront structure really helps you get it out…) @Dario
  • “Start with today and tag away” @imnegan#3617