Out here lookin’ for solutions,

Hey there,
Been using LogSeq on a project since Oct’23. Syncing via GitHub to phone and MacBook Pro.
Using it kind of like an inward facing(i.e. just for me) project manager. Due to it being a business of freelancers across multiple sectors there’s not one project management platform in place. It’s all ad-hoc Google Workspace, SharePoint, Basecamp, and more.
I love the simplicity of LogSeq cross linking and the daily journal starting place.
I am a big adherent of DevonThink for document management, notes, and journalling but LogSeq was a good place for a trial run for one project that links to docs and emails stored in DevonThink but everything else stays in LogSeq.
It was easy to set up and also relatively easy to go back and rectify organizational missteps made as a beginner.

The next big step is when the current project wraps in a week and I reset for the next one. I will probably archive the old graph into DevonThink and start a new graph.
The help I’ve seen people get here is very encouraging. I’ve already got some great advice myself. Thanks for everything.