Outdenting is painful in Canary for some users

Outdenting in Canary is painful for those who prefer “direct” outdenting. LS team, is it trivial to add back this code with a config option or is it not that easy?

I’ll do some experiments later, it should be not hard to add the previous behaviour back, there’re two questions though.

  1. Which one should be the default behaviour?
  2. We’ll add real-time collaboration later, it can be unstable if more than two users have a different choice on indentation.
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Can’t agree more! Perhaps this setting could apply per graph in terms of collaboration? To someone new to outliners (Logseq was my first experience of such software), the older version was extremely intuitive and I was caught off guard the first time the block moved to the bottom in Canary. I imagine that many new users coming to Logseq will have the same expectations based on what they have experienced in a rich text editor like Google Docs or Word.

Thanks, @tienson! I see these two behaviors as:

  • Direct outdenting as in 0.0.20. Here, LS does exactly what is asked of it, no more, no less. It’s like pressing shift-tab in Google Docs or MS-Word as @bettyzhang mentioned. Pros: intuitive, user gets exactly what they want, user is in control. Cons: allows the user to mess up their structure

  • Logical outdenting Here, LS understands and applies outdenting to fit within the logical structure of the outline. Pros: makes LS more than just an editor with respect to outdenting. Cons: it’s difficult to predict what outdenting will do. I find myself constantly searching for where a bullet went after outdenting it.

I can see arguments for both behaviors, even though I’m heavily biased towards direct outdenting myself, and find logical outdenting hard to work with.

To answer your questions:

  1. Default: I’d vote for direct outdenting. This minimizes annoyance for new users. But either is fine.

  2. Real-time collab: as a UI behavior, can’t this be a per-user setting that carries over to RTC? Each user would have different settings, and still do real-time collab, just like they’d do with keyboard shortcuts.

(EDIT: never mind, the below is not as related as I thought. It’s a bug that will be fixed, see here).
Related: in Canary, moving bullets vertically (Shift + Alt + Up/Down) does not work across parents. This works in 0.0.20. This restriction is also painful when quickly rearranging an outline structure, which I do all the time.


  • parent A
    • child1
    • child2
  • parent B
    • child3
    • child4

If I want to move “child3” under “parent A”, it is impossible to do with the keyboard in Canary (but possible in 0.0.20).

Could this restriction be removed as well, possibly in conjunction with the outdenting? Thank you!

Closed as you can now select which outdenting option you want to go with