Outline Overview for sidebar

@Miro — the Zettlekasten method recommends zettles remain small. So one way to avoid the massive pages requiring a table of contents is to avoid massive pages. And one way to achieve some division in large bodies is to use the hierarchies feature. You could for example, write a book where every chapter existed as part of a hierarchy.

I’m not disagreeing with the feature request, I’m just offering suggestions for effectively dealing with it in its absence. When I find a page that’s oversized, I generally feel it needs split apart.

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This TOC plugin allows a TOC in the sidebar.

The doc may be a bit confusing, but to use it in the sidebar showing the TOC for whatever page is selected:

  1. Install the plugin from the marketplace
  2. Open the “Contents” in the sidebar
  3. Added this line in the “Contents”: {{renderer :tocgen, *, 6, h}}

Any new progress and future plan about this feature?


I’d like to use Obsidian to do more longform writing inside the same system as my existing outline-based notes, but have a similar worry that my structure will be flattened when I return to my outline in Logseq.

Would a community plugin that told Logseq to parse Markdown heading levels (#, ## etc) as levels of an outliner hierarchy solve this problem? I guess you’d also have to work out how to tell it to deal with plain text blocks in between hierarchy levels (maybe always as children of the most recent header?).

Does a plugin like that exist, and if not how hard would it be to make one?

I’ve tried a few TOC plugins mentioned here, but I didn’t find them quite satisfactory for my flow.

However, I’ve recently discovered this sticky headers plugin and I’ve been really enjoying it. I think it’s a nice alternative to having a dedicated Contents panel: GitHub - yoyurec/logseq-sticky-headers: 📌 H1-H5 headers stick on content scroll. Logseq pligin

If you like that plugin, then it also goes very nicely with this plugin to easily modify heading levels: GitHub - vipzhicheng/logseq-plugin-heading-level-shortcuts: A very tiny plugin for Logseq to bind shortcuts to change heading levels

You can also use GitHub - stdword/logseq13-missing-commands: Logseq plugin with missing but really helpful commands 🪚 and it’s 🔪 Toggle auto headingplugin.logseq13-missing-commands to select blocks and it’ll assign them headings automatically

When I do that, when I click away from the line, it just vanishes. No TOC is rendered. Did something happen to break this functionality?