Outline Overview for sidebar

Pain point: When working on very large documents where you have multiple levels, and multiple nested blocks, navigating the blocks can become difficult or troublesome and time consuming.

Solution: Similar to what Obsidian MD offers, provide a view for the right sidebar that presents a hierarchy of the document outline, or simply put the Table of Contents, where the user can click on a headline and it takes you to that entry in the main document view.

Upvoted. This is the No.1 feature I want from Logseq. I miss the outline view of Google docs.

Logseq already has a sidebar, and showing an outline there is a natural expectation for users.


Displaying the contents of the top 2~3 layers of the doc tree in the sidebar would be an outline view that roughly meets most needs, I think.


This is a must have for me as well.

Maybe I’m missing something, but how do people that don’t want this feature navigate within large documents? I have documents with 50 “A4 pages” or more, and really have no feeling of where I am in the document or what else is in the document.

Having to add a “table of contents” manually feels super counter-intuitive and certainly does not work for large documents.

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Headers should be act as collapsible bulletpoints.
So the current rendering has some inconsistencies:

Subheader and Another h2 should be represented by a bulletpoint and be collapsible. So the markdown file above should be represented like this:


ps: If this is a bug, feel free to move it to its proper place or please tell me where to put this issue!

Absolutely agree. I’m trying to use LogSeq with Obsidian but the different handling/rendering of headers is making it difficult. If I don’t indent the bullet points in Obsidian then I can’t collapse the header in LogSeq. If I indent the bullets in LogSeq so the header is collapsible then it renders the bullets incorrectly in Obsidian (it seems to think they are code in this case).

Part of the problem is Obisidian treats anything with a tab indentation as a source block, there’s a fix you can make in logseq to change how indentation behaves by swapping it from tabs to number of spaces. Drop this into your config.edn, and then try creating a new document with indented bullet-points and you should see them render correctly in Obsidian.

 :export/bullet-indentation :two-spaces
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Thank you! I have been trying to figure out how to replace the indentation for a while!
This is not an issue with obsidian, as it is the default behavior for markdown standards.
4 spaces are used to define a codeblock

@tienson This FR has got many votes. Wonder if it’s on the roadmap.

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voted. like logseq, but I really want a outline/TOC, which is a must-have feature for a md editor, not to mention a wiki system.


I was about to suggest something similar. I’d love to see such a feature. All my pages have a certain structure at the macro level:

  • Models
    • Principles
    • Practical
    • Conceptual
    • etc
  • Questions
  • Learnings
    • Practical
    • Informational
    • Reflectional
  • Writings
    • Practical
    • Insights
    • etc.

I’d keep the outline of the page open in the sidebar at all times to quickly navigate it.

There’s a toc plugin here: GitHub - mschmidtkorth/logseq-msk-toc: A table of contents generator for Logseq

We just added support for plugins’ floating windows. @Charlie Should we make a PR on the logseq-msk-toc plugin?

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I think the possibility of collapsing all the blocks with a single click or a keyboard stroke would be a good solution, the document would become an outline of itself.

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Glad to know there’s a plugin, will give it a try. Any chance it gets merged into the main repo?

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It could be! Would like to collect more feedback first.

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Having this ability in the right sidebar would be really convenient and useful


Chanced upon this FR. I’ve built a TOC plugin in the marketplace that can be opened in the right sidebar to facilitate easy navigation. Can take a look!



This is awesome!! I’ve been wanting a TOC/Outline view myself :smiley:

Maybe I am missing something. But in a large page, when you click outside the content and the CMD-UP a few time all blocks are folded till the main level, effectively the H1 level.
When I CMD-DOWN 1 time it opens the H1/H2 level.

And sometimes I even go further down but most of the time from this level I enter a Block by hitting the bullet and I can edit (also the sub-bullets for that H3 level).

And using the breadcrumbs at the top of the page I can quickly see where I am and navigate to a higher level … to deep dive in another place in the document.

So I guess an outline overview is already in the document.

Generate a ToC from Namespaces!

Available Next Release :rocket::waxing_crescent_moon:

{{namespace [[Linux]]}}






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