Page banners and icons like Notion

Hi all! First of all I apologize for putting Notion in the title (couldn’t come up with a better way to sum it up), and thank you so much for all the effort put into Logseq! It’s an incredible tool (and the whiteboards are marvellous).

Logseq allows setting an icon for each page, and together with the Banners plugin (GitHub - yoyurec/logseq-banners-plugin) it supports default and custom page icons and banners.

I love how Notion allows me to create beautiful pages very simply, and it would be incredible to have a similar process in Logseq. I would love to see in Logseq

  1. Page banners added as a standard feature
  2. Support of any kind of image file (and links) for page icons (I see there was some discussion of this in the past, see
  3. Make it so clicking the banner or icon brings up a dialogue akin to Notion’s to choose the current page’s banner or icon, and offer the possibility to make it the default banner/icon for all pages

Is there a chance we could see these happening in Logseq anytime soon? They’re not much, but in terms of comfort and feel they’d bring Logseq to the absolute top, at least for me.

Thanks for taking the time and have a nice day!