Page collapses and expands rapidly 2-3 times when adding text with embed blocks in page

I’ve got about 40 pages, with only a few with embedded blocks. I’m writing an essay and I’m starting to copy blocks from pages to a topic collation page. However, half the page collapses and expands 2-3 times within 1-2 seconds, with the cursor moving position while I’m typing, and sometimes it doesn’t rest in the expanded state and half the page just seems to have disappeared or been lost. I cannot work with this happening every 5 seconds or so when typing, since what I type ends up in various places other than what was intended. Is there an automatic file save occurring which is collapsing and expanding blocks on the page?

Any ideas of how to fix this?

Is there a time delay I can set up in config to only save the file on exit, or after a long delay?

(I’m getting quite desperate, and sadly considering reverting to Microsoft OneNote and Word after all the effort of learning and setting up and working with Logseq.)

Edit: also just noticed that the page with problem flashes also when I work on another page on a second window of Logseq which is open. I wasn’t working on the page that was flashing, but just copied an embed block on the other page and the problematic page flashed on its own.