Page disappearing

I copied today a block from my daily journal into a new seperate page.
Within the original journal did I leave/created a reference to the main block of the page (first bullet).
After a short while did the block id change color and was the new page gone. It disappeared.
The same thing happened later today.
I’m sure the page creation was succesfull since I double checked by opening it within Logseq and manual closing it after checking.

I’m using Logseq on a Windows11 computer and have the latest version installed.

Looking into the directory with the Windows Explorer reveals that the missing page is indeed gone. However within Onedrive could I retrieve the information by restoring a previous version of the journal.

Do you happen to use sync?

No, I don’t use sync.

In principle my current way of working is simple based on my Onedrive workspace. All files, my complete vault, is locaated on OneDrive with a local copy on my main laptop. The local copy is used for my daily work and kept in sync with my OneDrive storage.
It’s synchronisation but no need for sync.

I cannot reproduce the issue. By the description, I can only suspect that Logseq and Onedrive don’t always play nice with each-other. You may want to experiment with repeating your steps multiple times in a short amount of time. If the issue happens often, try again with Onedrive disabled.

Thanks for your reply.

It’s indeed possible that the OneDrive sync creates a problem, but when that happen typical you see an error message and the older version of the page/file is not deleted but still available. Only not updated.

In this case, the page was created but was gone after about 10 minutes. I can not reproduce it because it looked randomly happening. It just happened twice in one day. Btw today it did not happen.
Strange is also that there was no trace of the missing page/file, also not in the delete-folder.
I will check again the next time I experience it (hope it doesn’t occur anymore)