Page properties and auto-create pages for property values

Odd things are going on with the auto-creation of pages for page-property values.

tags:: val1         - page 'val1' created. Ok.
tags:: val1, val2   - pages 'val1' and 'val2' created. Ok.
alias:: a1          - page 'a1' created. Ok.

key1:: val3         - no 'val3' page created. Ok.
key1:: val3,        - page 'val3' created. Error, not a special property.
key1:: val3, val4   - pages 'val3' and 'val4' created. Error, not a special property.

For non-special page properties (tags, alias) pages should not be automatically created for values. It’s easy to tag them if required (#val1 or [[val1]]). Ordinary page properties should be retained for helping with queries and not cause a mess in the graph. Zotero’s many tags are a prime example.

Any ideas to get this right going forwards? Different opinions?