Page properties and auto-create pages for property values

Odd things are going on with the auto-creation of pages for page-property values.

tags:: val1         - page 'val1' created. Ok.
tags:: val1, val2   - pages 'val1' and 'val2' created. Ok.
alias:: a1          - page 'a1' created. Ok.

key1:: val3         - no 'val3' page created. Ok.
key1:: val3,        - page 'val3' created. Error, not a special property.
key1:: val3, val4   - pages 'val3' and 'val4' created. Error, not a special property.

For non-special page properties (tags, alias) pages should not be automatically created for values. It’s easy to tag them if required (#val1 or [[val1]]). Ordinary page properties should be retained for helping with queries and not cause a mess in the graph. Zotero’s many tags are a prime example.

Any ideas to get this right going forwards? Different opinions?

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I find this feature very useful actually but I think they’ve removed it since…Could you confirm?

I haven’t seen an update but I’m using Obsidian now as I couldn’t take the bad feeling logseq was giving me in my gut. It’s pros and cons either way and you have to go with the software which is the most fun to use with your personal workflow preferences and choices. For example, I will buy software and pay for upgrades if I feel the new functionality is worthwhile but I never take on subscriptions. I will not use a development framework because it’s popular or the industry standard when there is something else with a better developer experience. Obsidian has its own set of pinch points but, for me, it feels more comfortable. Being selfish is an underrated virtue. :smile:

Thank yfor your reply! The only thing stopping me from switching to Obsidian is the fact that it is not an outliner. I love the premise of atomic units of information. I’m sure Obsidian feels great to writers.


When I add papers from Zotero using the inbuilt Zotero integration, logseq creates pages for every property-tag.

Is there a way to stop logseq from creating pages for doi, volume, original-title, date, pages, etc.? It clutters up graph view so much that it becomes useless to me.

Sorry. I should have read the documentation closely. I found that you can edit config.edn to prevent this from happening.

  • Set :property-pages/enabled? to false to prevent logseq from automatically creating pages for properties
  • You can also use :property-pages/exclude-list to specify which properties should be excluded from having pages created for them

Not that this does not delete property pages that were already created.

I hope this helps someone else!