Page properties do not show up on page graph

After playing around with the page-property block for some of my notes, I realise that the links and tags do not show up on the page graph.

The issue I find with this is that if I click on [[Learning]] or [[PKM]], the pages give no information to any linked references (despite all the notes that have been given the those properties). I would have to type in a query to show all the notes that have property of [[PKM]] - that seems to defeat the purpose, as I would have to go through each ‘topics’ property link to put the queries through.

I also notice that the page-property behaves very different to block-property as the block-property would show up.

Maybe it’s just me, but I fail to see why the page-properties attributes don’t show up on graphs. I would want to see all my notes that related to [[PKM]] do show up on the graph.

I would expect the graph and linked references to behave similar for both page-property and block-property.

As you can see below, if I have the meta data on the 2nd bullet point, the graph plays nicely again.