Page Specific NOW section

The Now section on journal pages is very useful, but when a non-journal page has a lot of tasks on it I would find it useful to also have something similar on individual pages. These would work the same way as journal pages, querying only tasks marked NOW or DOING or with an upcoming do date (SCHEDULED) - but the query would be limited to that page, not across the entire graph. Helpful if you have lots of buried tasks in a page with lots of blocks.

You can just write a query on that page, and you could make a template to make it easy to add such queries to any page. But you would like this to be automated, so you would see this query on all pages?

This request was written six months ago, when I was still new to Logseq. Since then I adopted this query code which I save as a template that can be easily inserted into any page:

{{query (and (todo todo doing) (page <% current page %>))}}
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Could this be added to config.edn to make this search on all pages?

My Style Carousel plugin can be configured to get you the kind of focus you want.

Just overwrite the settings with the following JSON:

  "disabled": false,
  "buttons": {
    "now": {
      "desc": "Focus on active tasks",
      "refreshRate": 5,
      "hits": [
        "text-decoration: underline;",
      "styles": [
          "tooltip": "Highlight active tasks",
          "char": "\\eb0c",
          "hits": "div#main-content-container div[data-refs-self*='\"now\"'], div#main-content-container div[data-refs-self*='\"doing\"']",
          "style": "div#main-content-container:hover div[data-refs-self*='\"now\"'] span.inline, div#main-content-container:hover div[data-refs-self*='\"doing\"'] span.inline {text-decoration: underline wavy;}"
          "tooltip": "Only active tasks",
          "char": "\\eadf",
          "hits": "div#main-content-container div[data-refs-self*='\"now\"'], div#main-content-container div[data-refs-self*='\"doing\"']",
          "style": "div#main-content-container div[data-refs-self] {display: none;} div#main-content-container div[data-refs-self*='\"now\"'], div#main-content-container div[data-refs-self*='\"doing\"'] {display: inherit;}"