Page vs Tag Use Case

This is not really a bug but i’m thinking how to use it more effectively.

Tag has a similar function just that it cannot put a space in between. I aware people use the page as connection inline in the sentence.
I think the page can replace the tag for the use case purpose.

For example,
I think everyone should [[learn to code]].
The coding teaches us how to think #[[learn to code]]

Anyone mind to share your opinion?


Yeah this is an interesting question, I think a lot of it comes down to personal preferences and concistancy of one’s own system.

I like what you did here:

That could be a good way to use it, if it flows with the text the using [[this format]] works great. And if it’s related but doesn’t form part of the sentence then #[[this format]]` works great.

Additionally I use #this when it’s just one word, I think it looks really clean and simple.

personally I don’t use #[[this format]] but using it in the way described above seems to be a good workflow