Pages inside a page

How to create a page inside a page (like in Notion)

I’m not too clear what you mean by “page inside a page”.

However, could Logseq “block focus” feature do what you want? Any block can be focused on its own page by clicking on its bullet. It will display the block on its own page with “breadcrumb” trail of all parent blocks at the top.

Are you talking about a page embed or block embed? /embed

Perhaps Betty Zhang’s video at 1:42m illustrating how to do this in Logseq(&how it shows in Obsidian) might be helpful:

reference:Page and block embeds

… if it is a page outside of Logseq you are trying to embed than nmartin84’s

iframe embed -> [:iframe {:src "" :style {:height 800 :width 615}}]

might be the way to go.

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