Pages not mentioned in pageX

Logseq doesn’t have pages-tree/pages-explorer like Obsidian or Notion. What I want is finding a way to manually maintain pages, below shows the workflow but I failed to write the correct Query:

Any idea? Thanks!
By the way, is there any better way to achieve this, or will Logseq provide the pages-tree/pages-explorer feature? As the pages size grows bigger and bigger, I feel lacking of this feature really push users to the Obsidian.


Could use something like this:

 :query [:find (pull ?other [*])
     [?p :block/original-name "MyPages"]
     [?b :block/page ?p]
     [?other :block/original-name]
     (not [?b :block/refs ?other])

Most probably yes, but there is no single way. Depending on your exact needs, Logseq can support an appropriate workflow.

Some tree-oriented facility cannot be excluded in the long term, but it is against Logseq’s graph-oriented approach. Meanwhile, check Generate explicit hierarchy out of properties, which contains:

  • a specific tool
  • plenty of links to other threads that:
    • discuss the topic in detail
    • provide some alternatives
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Thanks for your quick response, and I’ll try the code later today. :smiley:

Your links for the hierarchy topic are also helpful :+1: