Pages pinned to upper panel with icons

I would like to be able pin pages to upper panel with custom icons. I feel that I will get to many of starred and I want to have quick access to some special pages.

More complex but at the same time more useful would be to have a separate panel witch icons and be able to move panel and stick it to the left or below or above current upper panel or to the bottom or right side. And this panel could be scrollable so it would look and work like some desktop environments’ panels, for example Ubuntu panel or docks or task bars.

Since you mentioned Ubuntu, notice that you can use logseq:// links to open pages in a running Logseq instance, so you can create .desktop launchers that are supported by all Linux desktop environments. You can then place those launchers in a panel. I do so with KDE Plasma and they work just fine as Logseq shortcuts.

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