Pages Vs. files

I have read in the doc that a page does not always necessarily correspond to a file in our file system. That a page is nothing more than a special block that represents a collection of blocks.

In that sense, I understand that files are just another user interface, the output of a given query. Is this concept correct?

The page is a file, you can confirm it by looking at your graph folder.

I understand the pages in Logseq as something more abstract and not necessarily related to a file or something inside our storage. Even if they coincided, circumstantially, it would not mean a contradiction with what I am saying. That is why I am asking. It is a matter of concepts and abstraction layers that at the software architecture level can give some benefits.

I just found a post here, from @boisjere, related to this subject which I understand reaffirms the idea that a page in Logseq is not a file in our storage.

Therefore, I still understand Logseq files and the use it makes of the file system, as a UI, a representation, as another visualization of the graph in question.

Correct me if I’m wrong.