[Partial Done] Hide query-table property heading

Add the ability to hide the result count and properties of a query-table

And if I may add some suggestions as I have been thinking about why the queries look so off.

  • In the image above you see also the strange aligning with the bullet. It is just below as to how normal text would be presented.
  • Also the fold arrow is just below the bullet while with text it is left of the bullet.
  • And if you do not hide the results, properties and table view can you at least show them on the same row so they do not take up so much space.

Sorry to hijack the FR but seems fitting to add these here.


Oh my, yes please.

Amount of vertical space could be minimized, I would love that.

Perfect situation for me would be to achieve the similar rendering as in config.edn rendered queries.

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For anyone else landing here in the meantime, I put together this super fragile css to drop in logseq/custom.css :slight_smile: Hides both the items in the screenshot except for the default queries in the journal. Drop both of the div:not(#today-queries) > if you want to kill it there too!

div:not(#today-queries) > div.custom-query > div > div.content, div:not(#today-queries) > div.custom-query > div > div.initial > div > div.flex { display: none }

Not widely tested, and verrrrrrrry likely to break with any future updates. Am currently on 0.6.5. GLHF!


this will also hide queries which collapsed is true

A while ago a new flag was added to queries:

 {:title [:b "title"]
 :query [:find (pull ?b [*])
 [task ?b #{"LATER"}]
 :table-view? true

:table-view can have one of the following values:

  • nil β€” default, show property button
  • true β€” table view, hide the button
  • false β€” regular view, hide the bbutton

Looks like :table-view? hides the properties and hiding the result count is still a todo

Bumping this; I’d love to be able to hide the results count

With live queries I want to be able to hide the query builder as well. That feels like it fits in here more than as it’s own ask.