Paste an Instagram URL to embed into Logseq graph

Dear Logseq community,

I understand that Instagram may not be considered a productivity app and rightly so. At the same time, if seen as a tool, it can have its own utilities if it’s the medium used by the people one cares about.

I want to collect my Instagram stories, posts, and reels in Logseq so I can put them in context, with possible linksto posts on Strava, YouTube, LinkedIn, Hacker News, Twitter, Mastodon (somehow, they all make sense for me)

  1. Paste the URL of the following into a Logseq block
  2. {{instagram post/reel/story (instagram asset)…}}
  3. Use the embed code to present the content of the Instagram asset nicely inside the current block, similar to the X Tweet functionality but for IG asset