Pasting block references - Sometimes goes into new block

If I want to paste a block reference in a block, I get variable outcomes.
Generally it works fine, but sometimes it creates a new block and pastes it there. If I then delete this error, place the cursor where I want to paste and hit control-shift-v, the block reference is pasted correctly but before it appears “space dash space”, which I then have to delete.

Welcome. It is important to find what steps can reliably reproduce the wrong behavior.

I go to the block, whose reference I want to copy. I right click on the button of the block and click on “Copy block ref”. I then go to the block where I want to paste the reference and point the cursor to the exact place, somewhere in the block. I hit ctrl-v. Most of the times it works fine, but sometimes this peculiar bug happens and the block reference is pasted on a new block underneath

I think I may have found the answer. There is interference from Bullet Threadingv1.1.4 plugin. When I copy a block and the the threading is visible, the bug occurs

Nope. That was not the answer. But it is related to it. What I notice is that when I right click on a block’s button sometimes I get a short menu and sometimes I get a long menu. If I then click on “copy block ref” and then try to poaste the reference, the rogue behaviour happens only when I had the short menu.

Could you provide a screenshot for each one of the two menus?

I attach screenshots of the two menus and of the different results following pasting (in both cases after the question mark.
Sometimes I get the long menu and sometimes the short one (for the same block) and I don’t understand why

Control v

Just to make sure: the second result (i.e. a newblock is created), happens after the short menu

  • The short menu in your screenshot seems cut.
  • I never get the long menu, apparently not having your plugins.
    • If the issue relates to the plugins, I won’t be able to reproduce it on my side, so the rest is guesswork.
    • In any case, should try finding out how to consistently produce the short menu.
      • Maybe you right-click sometimes when nothing is selected within the block and sometimes when something is selected.
        • That could affect the content of the menu.
        • Before right-clicking, try deselecting by either:
          • left-clicking outside the block
          • pressing Esc

Thank you @mentaloid
I have tried your suggestion. if a piece of text is selected in the block, it has NO effect whether I get the short menu or the long menu.
It is difficult to reproduce because it seems totally random; for example, just now, I am unable to generate the short menu; at other times it comes up 50% of the times.

UPDATE. I think the difference in what type of menu pops up rests on where the cursor focus is when rightclicking on the block bullet.
If the focus is on that block, I get the short menu; if the focus is elsewhere, I get the (desired) long menu.
So if I want to copy the block reference of a block, first I make sure that the focus is on another block (therefore if needed I click on any other block), and then I right-click on the bullet of the block, whose reference I need.

I have the same problem. Sometimes copy and paste block reference goes into next block unexpectedly.

In this case, I find the clipboard is - ((66405d27-16a2-4ef1-93a4-0666a1c8d419)) rather than ((66405d27-16a2-4ef1-93a4-0666a1c8d419)).