Pasting photos increases the size of the image file massively?

Hi Logseq team, I use quite a lot of images in my note-taking. I just had a 277KB image file sunshine.jpg on my Win10 desktop, and when I as per normal Ctrl+C Ctrl+V copied and pasted it into my Daily Journal of Logseq 0.7.8, on the spur of the moment decided to check it’s size in Logseq>Assets.

Logseq has converted it into: image_1659267794780_0.png, but alarmingly with a size of 1.72MB.

I then tried dragging and dropping the same image onto the same page, with the result that it became: sunshine_1659270210316_0.jpg, with an image size of 277KB.

I then decided to try the ‘/Upload an asset’ command, something I don’t normally use, with the resulting file sunshine_1659280644691_0.jpg at 277KB.

Looking at folder Logseq>Assets, it is mainly full of consistently named files e.g. image_1656717265653_0.png, clearly formatted by Logseq, with a few others of irregular naming, such as already mentioned sunshine_1659270210316_0.jpg.

My question is, if Logseq is formatting images into it’s own convention, why is it increasing the size from 277KB to 1.74MB, as this is clearly going to add to overall database size?

Now that I realise this, I can use the /Upload function, or drag and drop. However through habit and ease, I’ve always just copied and pasted, as the quickest route.

Looking at your docs.logseq documentation, there is no mention or warning of file size increases:

## Photos, Images, GIFs
To embed images, you can either:
Copy-paste them into Logseq (which will duplicate the file into your Logseq’s graph’s folder in the Assets on your PC), OR
Point the photos to a particular path on your computer storage or online storage.

(BTW, what on earth does the 2nd option, Point the photos to a particular path on your computer storage or online storage, even mean?)

Cheers, Smithy.