Pause indexing when editing TODOs

Indexing is superfast, but there is an issue when editing TODOs. These cycle through multiple states. Often I edit TODOs within backlinks or queries which are used to identify TODOs. A lot of the time I wish to change the status of the TODO from TODO to DONE (via Cmd + Enter). However, in order to do this you need to cycle through DOING. If you don’t do this quickly enough the TODO disappears from the backlink or query, and you need to search for it to ensure that it is set as DONE. A possible solution would be to suspend the indexing of TODOs when they are being edited.

This is indeed slightly annoying. What works (for me) is clicking it DONE, then it skips the intermediate DOING.

Thanks. Sounds like a good workaround, but it is quite mouse-dependent.