PDF annotation: add pin reference in addition to quote reference

Remnote has a neat feature where you can link back to highlighted text with a pin that acts as the link from your own summary back to the PDF. Currently logseq only supports copying the entire quote text.
In the spirit of increasing the learning effect by summarizing texts in your own words, the pin would be a very welcome feature so to not clutter your own summary unnecessarily.

See screenshot below


Agreed! But, why not have a pin reference possible for every kind of block reference (not just PDF)

I would also like this feature. I’ve found a fairly quick work around, which is to copy the block reference and then create a link with the syntax [Link-Label] (((Block-ref))) (Without the space)

You can then use a label like [Pin] (((Block-ref))) (Without the space). The main disadvantage is not having the keyboard based workflow, i.e. in Remnote you can just hit enter to copy the highlight as a pin.


I’ve been doing this too, but another downside is that if it’s an area highlight, the reference is still displayed as a block and gets laid out on its own line:


I’d love to just generally be able to disable quoting and make every PDF reference appear as a pin, since I usually summarize, too, and can manually copy when I want that.

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+1. I really loved the pin-without-text feature back then when I used RemNote. Hope to have it in Loqseq soon as well. Thanks in advance!