PDF annotation on mobile

This is a bit of a feature request but also a cry for help.

The desktop version has an amazing annotation system for pdfs. It makes it very easy to highlight items while reading then later I can go back and search those highlights very easily as they are already in my logseq database.

The mobile iOS version doesn’t seem to have this. I can’t for example read a pdf on my iPad and just use the nice hand held e reader to read my pdf , then go to my desktop to then review and add to my notes. Does anyone know a work around for this on an iPad ?

I used to do something with Roam research and a kindle paper white (not the kindle app but an actual kindle ereader) where I would read on the kindle, make high lights, and then this highlight document was saved on the kindle and I could easily go and copy and paste the highlights I had made (with citation information) and paste it into my roam research on a desktop. I could then go and easily edit the information I had “mined” out of my book.

Does anyone have a good work around for this using an IPad for reading/finding the information, then easily getting that information with citation off the iPad and then onto logseq ?

Welcome to the community, @clmosk!

Please use the search functionality and support existing feature requests as much as possible. For this specific feature, there is already a feature request with over 30 votes.. We’re also aware of the need for the PDF reader, and it’s on our longer term roadmap.

As you’re asking for a workaround, I’ve moved this topic to #questions-and-help.

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