PDF annotation on mobile devices

This can be very useful on large mobile screens

This is a must for tablet users in both ios and android. Especially for the iPad + Pencil workflow crowd.


I’m currently making all hand written notes on my iPad with the Apple Pencil in Notability.

I would absolutely love pdf annotation on Logseq because currently Logseq isn’t useful for my pdf needs.


This is exactly what I need. PDF annotations on desktop is not enough. I need it for the Logseq to be fullu functional for me. Or at least to be able to LOOK at the pdf on iPad/iPhone.


indeed. I am expecting that, and I would like pay for the feature.


PDF annotation is absolutely one of the most useful feature. Please make it available at least on Pad & web version.


Even being able to open or view PDF files on mobile would be useful.


This feature is a game-changer for me. I had Obsidian before and I wasn’t in compliance with their take on planned features. I am a visual thinker, I don’t care too much about organization and rely mostly on tags and file properties to achieve this. For that reason, after searching and testing a lot of apps (AND I MEAN A LOT; notion, muse, coda, milanote, clickup, marginnote, liquidtext, kosmik), I decided for logseq because:

  • whiteboard with drawing support (very important)
  • ipad app
  • link embedding (most app can’t use iframes)
  • local folder-based
  • readwise plugin
  • zotero integration
  • flashcards
  • it’s beautiful
  • and lastly, but more important here: PDF highlight extraction (and backlinking to source on pdf - this is where the app got me).
    However, after I paid for supporting and gained access to the whiteboard I realized mobile doesn’t support pdf highlighting.
    This as well as mobile plugins are way important to me (as you might guess, I use ipad a lot), so I give +1000 for this and I hope you consider this testimony from someone who is tired of looking for an adequate app to study and I hope it remains this one.
    While this is not possible, tough, and ipad whiteboard is kinda buggy, I’ll keep with kosmik and muse, that are designed for ipad and have this feature. Hope it gets implemented soon!