PDF links to zotero library in GoogleDrive has stopped working

I have been using logseq to collect notes on scholarly papers that I read for the last few months. I hadn’t added a new paper for a while, but I suddenly find a “Error” Missing PDF" error anytime I try connecting to the a zotero pdf. Here is the basic workflow:

  1. activate the /zotero command. and link to the desired paper.
  2. click on the new link [[@MyCoolPaper]].
  3. click on the “open” button following the [[Attachments]] cell that indicates the paper i’m interested in.
  4. *** in the past, this would have opened the pdf in the logseq pdf viewer. Now, however, i’m getting the above mentioned error.

note: if i delete the full path from the cell having the open button – leaving only the file name – it seems to work fine. I’m just not sure what i might have changed, or what might have changed in an update that now requires me to delete this part of the path each time.