PDF: navigate back and forth

Currently, the PDF reader does not allow you to “jump back” to the previous position, after clicking on a link inside the document. Typical use cases include: footnotes, citations, references to formulae, references to sections…

In a long PDF document, it’s quite painful to remember the page number and scroll back. It would be extremely useful if Logseq simply remembers the positions and allows users to navigate back and forth with keyboard shortcuts. This will be a huge time-saver.

(This feature is important for many people, and has been requested before on the GitHub issue board.)

OverflowCat has written a plugin precisely for this!

I agree, this feature is really important – in fact it is a dealbreaker for me to not have it.

The mentioned logseq-pdf-nav plugin does not seem to help, if you want to jump between pages you reached via the table of contents from the pdf toolbar. It seems to only work for hyperlinks in the text body of the pdf.

This makes it pretty useless for me, as jumping between chapters is what I do way more.

Also - there is no keyboard support. Edit: the developer of the plugin wrote, that he gave up on implementing keyboard shortcuts, because it is too hard to do…

Please just make this a native feature – one should not have to refer to plugins for that kind of stuff :slight_smile:

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I’m in desperate need of the feature. As a student in physics, I use Logseq to read papers. All features are perfect, except the absence of navigating back. Very often I need to check the references, which are at the end of the paper, then come back to where I’m reading. In other PDF readers it’s quite simple, but it’s a pain in Logseq.
My hands would automatically reach for Alt+Leftarrow, but Alt would reset zooming of the PDF in Logseq, which is another source of pain.
By the way, perhaps making the PDF reader a standalone window would be easier (also a convenience for multi-screen users).

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Hello !!
Thanks for all your work with Logseq, it really is great :slight_smile:
I agree that a back-and-forth option + keyboard shortcut would be a real game-changer!! So adding a comment here to show interest !
Keep up the good work