PDF pages should have their own section and priority in search

Hi, I often tend to webclip webcontent as PDF just to make use of this awesome annotation feature.
Workflow is to treat these PDFs just as annotation container, which is then linked to my own notes.

The problem is, there is an annotation page created for every PDF, which pollutes the search (CTRL+k), so I cannot differentiate PDFs from other pages. In addition these pages cannot be renamed, so we need to take care of the file name right at the point when uploading the asset.

So what about this:

  • separate PDF annotation pages from the other pages in the search by giving them lower priority and possibly their own icon
  • optionally provide a toggle to disable showing of PDF pages at all in search
  • An option to rename annotation pages would be awesome

Appreciate you always have an ear on the community and and still keep an active development cycle. Thanks!

In my opinion, the proper way to store PDF annotations should be as block children of any reference of that PDF.

For example in two different pages:

- ![](./assets/example.pdf)
  - An annotation

- ![](./assets/example.pdf)
  - Another annotation

both would appear in the PDF and when the user add new annotations they should be written automatically as children blocks of the reference used to open the PDF.

If the PDF was open not from a reference but as a search result for example, when the user adds new annotations, in the current page should appear a new reference to that PDF and annotations as children.

Finally, it would be really nice if the parent block of a many PDF references had a button that opens all those PDFs as tabs:

- Parent block              [Button]
  - ![](./assets/Foo.pdf)
  - ![](./assets/Bar.pdf)