Pdf pasting: spacing, formatting

Hi folks, again thank you for such an awesome piece of software. I rarely get invested enough to report bugs and such, but I really want this to be even better!

Ok, mild bug report: I’ve been using the heck out of pdf annotation and generally love it, but the pasting doesn’t work well. I see that the issue for better pdf paste support is marked “resolved”, but I can’t get that expected behavior on the desktop app (0.4.4 for Mac). Whether I shift-paste or not, and whether I paste the reference or the text, I get that line breaks show up as no space at all, so that if the pdf says

The quick brown fox jumped
over the lazy dog

that pastes as

The quick brown fox jumpedover the lazy dog

(I also get this behavior around what must be embedded LaTeX or something; “the function f(x) grows exponentially” in the pdf will paste like “the functionf(x)grows exponentially”, even in the middle of a line.)

Myself, I would love for the line breaks (and whatever is around embedded formulae) just to read as “space”, so that I can get a long passage into one block, without several blocks per quotation. (I would further love it if formatting could be preserved in the markdown, but I’m guessing that’s not easy.)

Thanks again!

This may be something to do with the pdf source and not Logseq? In my experience, copy from any pdf reader into Words, etc. will result in line breaks like that.